Regenerative Forest – nature JINEN

Venice Biennale 2021

01 Circuler Concept
00 Conpept drawing
Symbiosis between man and nature, regeneration and circulation. Soil architecture explored.

The term ‘JINEN’ is an oriental concept that means to come of one’s own accord, a way of life in which one lets nature take its course, or perceives and follows its trends. The project was part of the architecture exhibition “Time Space Existence”, held during the 2021 Venice Biennale and made use of natural materials available in the Venice area, which were upcycled and returned to the earth in a better state after dismantling, thus playing a role in purifying nature. The project represents a circular model of sustainable architecture that fulfils its role.

Another distinctive feature of the project is the symbolic representation of the original ecosystem of the Venetian forest, with dynamic forms that embody the spirit of the land and the invisible energy inherent to the land. The tower connecting heaven and earth has three circular pillars, which are given form by willow and bamboo, and finished with clay walls using traditional Japanese plastering techniques.

The project explored the sustainable use of new natural materials and incorporated the latest technologies, such as bamboo made by 3D printer design. From inside the building, visitors can look in the direction of the city and admire the ‘well of light’ that opens up on the roof, connecting heaven and earth.

Under the roof of the JINEN is a symbolic tree and a regenerative garden with a transplanted ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon. It was designed as part of Life Redune, a research project to restore the wild vegetation of the Venice Lagoon, in collaboration with the University of Ca’Foscali Venice and Green Wise Italy.

After the exhibition, the plants were returned to their natural ecosystem. All the building structures were also dismantled and reconstructed as new buildings and products. This social experiment linking social circulation and environmental regeneration with the building as a starting point was undertaken in collaboration with JINOWA, an international consortium for soil regeneration.


drawings, Tono Mirai architects

biochar / bamboo / circular art / craftsmanship / ecosystem / energy inherent to the land / mud walls / plaster / plastering / regeneration / sustainable / Tokowaka / upcycling / 3D print

Location – PALAZZO MORA, outdoor terrace, Venice, Italy
Main use – artwork
Construction period – 2021 April – September
Exhibition period – 22 May – 21 November 2021
Organisers – ECC (European Culture Centre) Italy

Number of storeys – 1 storey above ground
Design – Mirai Tono Architects
Bamboo 3D design – Bambuseto
Construction – Antonio Salvatore
Planting design and construction – GREEN WISE ITALY
Cooperation – JINOWA consortium, GEN Japan, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Information and Statistics – University of Venice Ca’ Foscari, Life Redune, others.
Sponsored by Toho Leo