Exhibition at “IDEAS FOR GOOD Museum in MEC”

The materials, ideas and a model of the “Regenerative Forest –  JINEN”, which is currently being exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2021, are displayed in the exhibition project at the head office of Mitsubishi Estate Company.

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. has defined “quality of life” and “sustainability” as the two perspectives from which to provide value through its business and has begun to take concrete steps.

The IDEAS FOR GOOD Museum in MEC (short for Mitsubishi Estate Company) was opened in collaboration with HERTCH, the company behind IDEAS FOR GOOD, a global magazine of ideas for creative solutions to social problems. 

Aiming to solve environmental and social problems, a theme is chosen each month and relative products that offer new perspectives on urban and city planning are exhibited. 

JINEN participates in the exhibition from the 3rd August for one month.

(The exhibition is not open to the public.)