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New Earth house in Japan.  As one role of Baubiologie architecture.

 Tono Mirai / architect 

  It is 8 years that Baubiologie Institute of Japan is organized. Long-cherished correspondence course has started last year at last. As the memorial, we invited Mr. Winfried Schneider of representative IBN to Japan and the seminar was performed. It could be said that the Baubiologie stepped forward one big step in Japan. Inheriting a thought of the founder Mr.Anton, he regards the beauty of space and forms as important as well as philosophy by the viewpoint as an architect.
We hope he will let new wind blow to the world architecture.  For me, his word " house of Baubiologie is the traditional house "made me sense especially.  


 Because I am able to sympathize with an aspect it is aim at the "contemporary traditional house" which is located in the land and region, harmonized with a human being not a special thing made from an idea.   Would be to be able to introduce to the world the activities in Japan in the wake of his visit ,for the first time I would like let you report the activities of my architect’s office. Aiming at the theme of "contemporary earth house"  I’m designing and constructing earth house with natural materials these nearly 15 years in Japan and abroad by the chance to renovated with earth wall  in the occasion of mental illness of my family.


 A long history of plastering technique in Japan spans more than 1,000 years overseas as well.

It develops as "non load bearing wall" in a wooden structure of the earthquake-prone country whereas an overseas earth wall developed as "a load bearing wall" and is characterized by the beautiful and sophisticated finish having various surface not the structural strength of the wall.

It can be said that the "thinness" is characteristic for "thickness" of the wall overseas.


 The earth wall of the wet process to take cost and time according to development of the modern architecture after World War II reduces a number in Japan as well, and the works were tend to be only traditional, but by the time of the review increases with ecological consciousness in  after 80s  particularly  after 2000, linking Europe and USA’s earth architecture revival ,the movement to build the new "earth house" which meets the modern energy saving performance while taking the data is up.
I think the earth is the ideal material having the beauty, energy saving, health, three elements of  Baubiologie.

 The Japanese earth wall was often treated until now the rectangular wall in the traditional wood structure, but I’m trying the free-form using the curved walls or ceilings as the possibility of contemporary earth and plasterers. The earth and lime plaster wall is connecting to the sky and the ground, near to human skin and spirits deserve to be the word "third skin" that it is said in Baubiologie. As for the comfort, even any other material is not provided. A sacred place will be born in the house at time when light will come to the wall united with human life.

 It is at present not met to 1/3 of the passive house standard of Germany current energy-saving standard in Japan, the proportion of the house that is clear it is even less. According to the raising of the energy-saving consciousness strengthening to a low-carbon society in the world, raising compulsory energy-saving standards is scheduled for 2020 in Japan, the transition to environmental symbiosis is aimed at even more of a Japanese house are. Until now earth wall was centered awareness of the effect of tone and moisture control and health in Japan in that, but from now the wall will be made use of the heat storage that incorporates the house wall and floor in combination with insulation enabled. Taking the data create a laboratory of earth house collaborating with the architect, government, and University, we are doing the verification as the current demonstration.

With the aim of can be as much as help of the Great East Earthquake reconstruction in Japan continuing more than the next 10 years , we are determined to go perform the activity deep-rooted to make use of the results of the tests, believing the contribution of "the new earth house" to it.

 The Sophistication and craft of the Japanese earth wall is noteworthy in the world, but it cannot be said enough introduction have been presented to the people of the world yet because of the linguistic wall. I would like to go in pursuit of the possibility of the earth house in Japan, transmitting and interchanging a result towards overseas from now on.



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New Earth house in Japan.  As one role of Baubiologie architecture.        

  Tono Mirai / architect 


    Build the earth with craftsmanship


            with local earth, trees, and people

              Architects studio in Karuizawa Japan


        遠野未来 建築事務所

地域の土・木・人で 大地を建築する



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